Here is what you need to know:

May 9th 2017
After the General election for BC on this date the BC Liberals won the election with 43 seats, the BC NDP had 41 seats and the BC Greens had 3 seats.

John Horgan, Andrew Weaver and Daryl Plecas worked a backroom deal to arrange Daryl would betray the BC Liberal party to take the speakers position to bring down the BC Liberal seats to 40 seats. Daryl Plecas did this out of spite because Christy Clark did not step down as the leader of the BC Liberal party.

Special Events

Watch for our news release on response to Daryl Plecas' reasoning for dismissing the clerk

January 23, 2019 we will hold a live press release to respond to Daryl's press release.

Look for the live coverage of us applying for the Application to Racall Daryl Plecas

We will have the News Media on hand as we file this historic Application fro Recall in Victoria.

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Latest News

Daryl Plecas responds to why he dismissed the Clerk and the Sergeant at Arms.


We will be responding to Daryl's press/media release on the news.


We will be going to Victoria to file the application for Recall of Daryl Plecas.